Recondition is not a bad word

Recondition is not a bad word…

In this DISPOSABLE world, we have an opportunity to revisit at least one of our choices…our Shoes.  While we show weekly love to maintain the appearance of the leather upper, we also have the opportunity to replace heels, soles, hardware, and stitching in a cost-effective way, when necessary.

If you are spending in excess of  $100 for your shoes, we likely can get another year or two from that shoe or boot for one-quarter to one-half the price you would pay for a new pair.  There is more bang for the buck than you realize.  You can take control and be the master of your shoe domain.

Our shoes take a beating—water, scuffs, liquids, kicks, scrapes, step-ons—but that leather upper is amazingly resilient.  We know how hard it is to replace the silhouette, color, heel, comfort, or toe character that you have grown to love.  We are here for you!  Heels and soles are our business.  We want to ensure a great fit.

So, if you are an avid re-conditioner, good for you!  If not, please give us a call at (612) 286-2166 with any questions about our website or services.   -YSD

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