Fit is Everything

Whether discussing fashion, romance, or our occupation, matters not – fit is everything. How many times each day do you see a man wearing a shirt or coat too large for him? I would guess it’s dozens, and it’s most evident at the shoulder seam or in sleeve length. It looks sloppy. Conversely, you will see items ridiculously that are short or tight, and it appears as though breathing is a challenge. I probably don’t need to go too deeply into the conversation about relationships at home or at work. Suffice it to say that if the fit is wrong, life is miserable…which brings me to shoes!

Based on my 35 years around feet, I can assure you that yours are not the same size, while the shoes you are buying most likely are. What?! Yes, and 70% of the time, the left foot is larger (my personal assessment). So, most folks try on the right shoe and say, “Oh yeah, I’ll take these.” But buyer beware…try on both of them. Typically, I recommend fitting your larger foot, but nothing is absolute. The point of this writing is awareness, and it is commonplace to pad and/or stretch while accommodating either foot.

It doesn’t matter if you spend $200 on pants or a shirt if it doesn’t fit. I guarantee that the $49.95 jeans that fit do look better. As we address shoes, the fit becomes even more important. When the shoes don’t fit, movement affecting your entire body comes to the forefront, and pain becomes part of the conversation.

Please know that we can help, even if it comes down to confiscating the offending party. Just kidding. With very little time and trouble, we can tackle your challenge to help you enjoy your footwear and maximize your investment. We are Your Shoe Domain, where your shoes and feet feel at home.

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