On Level Ground

Our bodies are finely tuned instruments that sometimes need a special touch to operate at full strength.  Whether you feel pain in your feet, knees, hip, back or neck matters not, that pain may restrict performance and overall happiness.  One relatively quiet  cause that I see on a regular basis is an unlevel walking stride.  And, when discussing proper alignment it all starts with our shoes.

Many of us have one leg longer than the other (by a measurable amount) which may be the cause of any number of issues.  Your Shoe Domain is able to alter most shoes to accommodate your discrepancy.  We alter shoes any where from 1/4″ up to 2″.  We aren’t in the business of diagnosing maladies, but do play the important role when helping to alter a customer’s shoe/s following a doctors guidance.

Whether running shoes, work shoes, casual sandals or boots, in many cases we are able to maintain the original sole on the designated shoe (depending on design and material).  If you or someone you know faces the challenge of needing one shoe built-up to even out your gait, look no further than Your Shoe Domain.  We work on these projects every week and are always available to consult at (612) 286-2166 to answer questions.  We are fast and affordable and provide references who can attest to our high level of execution.

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