Customize Shoes and Handbags

Let’s face it, inferior products inundate our space and excess outweighs quality.  As someone who repairs ‘favorites’ on a daily basis, I enjoy a front row seat.  So disheartening, and yet, from these lemons can lemonade be made!

When the inevitable loose thread pulls, or the cement doesn’t hold anymore, we can now make the item better.  We can make it yours.  Truly yours.  Whether we are talking about handbags, wedged sandals or backpacks matters not.  What does matter is that your favorite items are going to break down.  It may be after one year, or maybe five, but, possibly one week?!  Yes, we see it.

In these moments we have a wonderful opportunity.  Many times we repair the item to better than new, but, as is state.  We recreate the existing strap loop, or buckle, or zipper slider.  But, on some occasions, folks choose to customize!  Now we are talking.

We routinely change the game by using interesting scraps of leather, or materials that create more unique, yet functional  equipment.  Even if your Birkenstocks aren’t broken, we can change a strap to fit you.  We can make subtle tweaks to almost any item, with the goal of creating an item unlike any other.  So don’t fret when the sole pulls away from your upper, or the stitching on your handbag strap pulls out and you are left holding the bag!  Simply give us a call (612-286-2166) and we will turn that lemon into lemonade!  -YSD    

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