Customize Shoes and Handbags

Let’s face it, inferior products inundate our space and excess outweighs quality.  As someone who repairs ‘favorites’ on a daily basis, I enjoy a front row seat.  So disheartening, and yet, from these lemons can lemonade be made! When the inevitable loose thread pulls, or the cement doesn’t hold anymore, we can now make the […]

Spring Cleaning

Winter is festive, winter is cold, winter is brutal.  Minnesota endures the most aggressive of winters and yet, our shoes and boots carry us through like champions.  Well, spring has sprung.  Before your friends enter summer hibernation, please allow us to clean them up for the long nap.  We attack dirt and salt every day […]

Plantar Faciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a disorder of the connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot.  Commonly, this thick band of tissue has tears that need support, and time to heel. Unfortunately, we are all out living our lives and don’t have time to be off our feet for extended periods of time.  Therefore, it is necessary to remedy the situation […]

Zip it up

We see more than 20 non-functioning zippers every week, with 90% returned happy and healthy for less than $20.  Many will share, ” you need a new zipper” when, in fact, there are only subtle dings that can be repaired.  Your Zipper Guru resides in The Burnsville Marketplace and whether your suitcase, jacket, or back pack […]

On Level Ground

Our bodies are finely tuned instruments that sometimes need a special touch to operate at full strength.  Whether you feel pain in your feet, knees, hip, back or neck matters not, that pain may restrict performance and overall happiness.  One relatively quiet  cause that I see on a regular basis is an unlevel walking stride. […]

Fit is Everything

Whether discussing fashion, romance, or our occupation, matters not – fit is everything. How many times each day do you see a man wearing a shirt or coat too large for him? I would guess it’s dozens, and it’s most evident at the shoulder seam or in sleeve length. It looks sloppy. Conversely, you will […]

Recondition is not a bad word

Recondition is not a bad word… In this DISPOSABLE world, we have an opportunity to revisit at least one of our choices…our Shoes.  While we show weekly love to maintain the appearance of the leather upper, we also have the opportunity to replace heels, soles, hardware, and stitching in a cost-effective way, when necessary. If […]

A Shoe’s Life

Most footwear has two, three, or even four lives if you are willing to take a few simple steps to ensure longevity.   Leather is resilient and long-lasting, and we recommend you follow four very simple suggestions to maximize its life. Use Shoe Trees: Typically made from cedar, trees enable your shoes to maintain their shape while […]

Quality over Quantity

In addition to helping maintain your shoes, we also offer lightly worn shoes—of only the highest quality—for less than half the price of a new pair.  Your Shoe Domain is committed to doing things differently, and our ability to recondition lightly worn items creates an exciting opportunity for you to purchase better shoes for the same price as much of today’s […]