Adjustable Shoe Trees


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Why Cedar Shoe Trees?

Aromatic Cedar shoe trees have three basic functions:

  1. Drawing moisture out.
  2. Re-awakening the shoe’s natural structural memory.
  3. Prevents the leather from wrinkling and cracking.

The original shape of the shoe is maintained
Using shoe trees daily prevents shoe upper leather from curling and cracking as it dries. Leather shape is maintained by the tension of the shoe tree. Our shoe trees are designed to fit properly in nearly all shoe styles on market. The spring action and split toe design allows the tree to fill the natural shape of your shoe.

The unfinished cedar absorbs moisture
Feet typically perspire an eighth of a cup of moisture every day. Left unchecked, this moisture is absorbed into the linings of shoes permanently, thus decreasing the life of shoes. By placing shoe trees into shoes every night, moisture is absorbed into the shoe tree from the shoe.

The aroma of cedar deodorizes shoes naturally
Shoe odors are naturally negated with the powerful scent of aromatic cedar.

To recap:

  • They absorbs moisture
  • They deodorize — naturally
  • They have a fresh scent
  • Cedar naturally repels many insects
  • They’re weather-resistant
  • They should last a lifetime, and a light sanding once a year helps refresh as well