We Clean, Condition and Polish, remove Stains, or Strip and Dye.  No matter, we want you to look and feel your best.


Shoes take a beating every day and we are here to fix those small wear and tear items that are bound to need Repair.  Don’t let your shoes sit idle in your closet, let’s get them back into your rotation.  Please feel free to text a photo along with any questions to (612) 286-2166 as we can help.  *Please note that the prices below cover basic repair and we may require a small up-charge for extreme cases. We will contact you prior to beginning work.


We can stretch your Shoes, the shaft of your Boot, or even tighten Shoes or Belts that have stretched out.  Most importantly, comfort goes hand in hand with proper fit.


If you aren’t exactly sure what needs to be done, please pay a $24.99 deposit and drop your item off.  We will update charges once we have spoken on the phone prior to beginning any work.